Treating Alcoholism or Drug Addiction at Christian Alcohol Rehab Centers

Reputable Christian alcohol rehab centers treat addiction to alcohol and drugs as a disease and promote total abstinence, which is necessary to achieve long-term recovery. These professionals believe that abstinence is the only way a person can take control of their lives. Rehab facilities help patients recover through an intensive, personalized care program that includes medical treatment, a 12-step recovery program, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and other complementary therapies.

Tailored treatments for every patient

A reliable rehab program helps patients chart a new path in their lives, avoid factors that could trigger a relapse and help the addict lead a satisfying life without the use of alcohol or psychoactive substances. In other words, these programs aim for a successful recovery. Treatment includes individual and group therapy as well as specialized therapeutic approaches, exercise, healthy eating and a busy daily schedule.

Discretion and confidentiality

Confidentiality is an essential rule within any institution like these. All staff should be committed to discretion and absolute confidentiality to help patients protect their identity and feel safe. Patients stay in single or double (shared) rooms with comfortable beds.

What makes treatment effective?

Addiction is a disease characterized by the fact that the suffering person is unable to control his or her level of consumption. The only way to control consumption is to give it up completely. Expert facilities provide the help needed to reach this stage.

The term “addiction” traditionally defines addiction to alcohol and/or drugs. However, it is possible to have other behaviors that are addictive, such as gambling, eating, or even emotional and sexual relationships. The rehab facility chosen should also treat the behavioral addictions of their patients.

Alcoholism is a disease

In 1990, the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence recognized alcoholism and drug addiction as a disease. The abridged version of their definition is that alcoholism is a disease characterized by the loss of control over substance use. Substantial evidence shows that abstinence has shown impressive results and gives people the chance to lead a happy and healthy life as soon as rehab is over.

Characteristics of addiction

People suffering from addiction feel an irresistible need to compulsively persevere, despite the problems caused by the substances consumed. Denial includes a series of psychological defenses, such as rationalization and minimization. Denial must be addressed during treatment to ensure a successful recovery.

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